Voiceless Victims


Many are standing for those who have been overlooked, marginalized, and discriminated against.

It’s now what’s popular — even fashionable. And it’s about time.

Those who previously never had a voice, or whose voice went unheard, are being championed by others who wish to right wrongs — challenging the tramplers.

The brutal steeled boot of those in charge always breaks the weak — those whom the masses voted as ‘whatevers’.

Millions a year, too tiny to travail over — small enough to slip by, always receive the most torturous of fates.

As limbs are ripped from their barely formed bodies, the womb’s walls muffle their screams, to less than that of a mouse’s mightiest cry.

We rally for injustice, yet vote for those who promise to prolong the greatest ongoing massacre the planet has ever known.

We, the butchers of the unborn, who make Hitler look like a playground bully, and Stalin, like a sandwich stealing schoolmate.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash