The Fool

There are two thoughts I have been processing a lot lately.

The fool is the precursor to the master.

…for if we ever want to become great at anything, we must first suck at it.

And the second is the question

“when is it the best time to plant an oak tree?”

10 years ago.

When is the second best time?

Right now.

Both of these realities are settling into my heart more and more these days that I must:

A) be willing to appear the fool if I ever hope to become the sage.

B) be wise enough to cast off all excuses and start the journey now, regardless of where I’m at, if I ever want to arrive.

I therefore must be the wise fool.

It just so happens that I find myself facing both of these realities today as I start this process of building a new online business.

Behind the scenes I’ve been writing a ton and taking different training courses in clickfunnels and social media marketing, all in order to build the laptop lifestyle I’ve wanted for more than a decade now.

Now is the convergence of both my desire and my willingness to take the necessary action steps.

Is there anything you’ve ever put off out of fear of either not wanting to look the fool or out of an unwillingness to simply start where you’re at, wherever that may be?

I know I’ve done both.

I’ve been scared to start and possibly look imperfect or not good enough, and I’ve also been unwilling to cast off all excuses and just go for it.

But now is the time to begin.

For I’ll never rise if I cannot kneel.

And I’ll never arrive if I do not start.

Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash



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