This beach front view has forced me to take the last 24 hours off.

No work. No hurry. No hustle.

No dancing around trying to frantically solve clients, or the world’s problems.

A very unintentionally needed break.

I forgot what it feels like to slide into “no responsibilities” mode.

It seemed foreign and kind of wrong initially, that is until my heart started taking over and allowed me to be pulled into the soul of the surf.

My mind, full of the “to-do’s”, started yielding to the subtle drumming of the rhythmic waves.

The tympani tore me away.

I dropped my list and waded in…

Here is where I’m nourished. Here is where I remember.

My uncle just sent me a picture of myself at 4 years old. Carefree in the sun, sporting a kids guitar.

I looked so happy and content.

No doubt I was, for that is always where I’ve longed to be.

Music has always played on a large portion of my heart strings.

Raised in a family that harmonized together, learning the ropes and cords at a young age helped write the melody of my life.

I’ve always sung; it’s a happy place for me.

It isn’t something I can help. It’s power finds my ear wherever I go.

Music, like the ocean, overtakes me.

When we forget what we shouldn’t, and start dancing tunes and singing songs which aren’t ours, we must be pulled back again to remember.

The specific melodies we each bring are individual to us.

Only we fully know them. And though a line may be shared by us with a close friend, they will never know the full chorus as we do.

They cannot. For as each water’s wave is unique-never to be repeated again, each symphonic swell is known only by those who bear the beautiful burden of bringing that brief song to life.