I woke this morning after a really good dream; the kind that makes the heart happy.

Honestly, I’ve been needing this. It’s been an unending grind the last months — managing this new pandemic life, coupled with my new business launch.

Some days there has been joy, but most days it’s the gotta-grind-it-out mentality that’s gotten me through.

Camels can go a long time without nourishment. They store provisions within.

Large fatty deposits, just under their humps, allow them to press onward without food or water.

When species around them fall from lack, they forge forward.

I know I’m not the only one who’s felt like they could use a refueling lately.

Our fuel eventually runs out, and our flame soon wanes.

Oftentimes, the vigour we began our journey with dissipates, and we are left to keep chasing the dream, solely on fumes.

But the hardest part of the journey is always the beginning. This is where despair’s vast victims lie.

We know we just have to get airborne. We need that lift.

It’s amazing the shift that takes place when perspective changes.

The same city, though lived in for years, can scenically surprise us- when with wing we commercially-climb.

Everything changes in the air.

The crappiest seat even seems cool when cruising, for we are on our way!

Sometimes we get stuck on the tarmac, waiting for traffic to clear — for that green light.

Any moment things can change. Any moment those engines can wind with wonderful hope — washing weariness away.

Taking off is such a thrill, because the day is finally here. It is actually happening.

And whether takeoff makes you grin with glee or tense in torture, it’s all necessary.

Every leg in the journey cabins us forward.

I’m so excited whenever I travel, whether at the terminal, security, gate or baggage claim.

Life is moving and I’m not getting left behind.

I’m thankful for the dream this morning. I can feel a rich fatty deposit refueling me now.

I think I’ll share it though, instead of keeping it all to myself — camel like.

For I’d rather arrive with others, than fly solo.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash