My Two Cents

Amos Bracewell
3 min readOct 18, 2020


It’s funny how we can spend years searching for an answer, and then in one unsuspecting moment, have that very answer land right in our lap.

I have never been into using chemicals on my body, always opting for natural health products.

A few years ago I stumbled upon a couple of brands of natural deodorant — both of which worked well for me.

While these remedies were more expensive than their chemical-laced competition, the price to me was negligible.

I have never been a fan of B.O. in any area — even leaning towards the obsessive side of hygiene, and so I welcomed these holistic helpers.

Apparently though, I overused the products — assuming more was better.

I developed a rash from the baking soda overload.

Irritation isn’t fun.

So, I had to back off the products and use more simple means for keeping my smells on point. I was washing my underarms twice a day, in order to avoid soilage.

I knew there had to be a better way than this dueled-daily washing, but I had no idea where the solution sat.

Sometimes the fix we need lays beyond the expensive doors of therapy, or past the painful lessons of learning things the hard way.

And sometimes the cure is sitting in dollar stores.

I didn’t know that something as simple as rubbing alcohol could be my saviour.

Today is my third day of spraying a little under each arm, after I’ve showered and coconut-oiled myself to happiness.

Zero smell, even 24 hours later, is quite the two cent-ed saviour.

The areas in life in which we are killing it, are usually areas in which we are consistently doing little daily habits — sometimes even unconsciously.

And the areas in which things stink, are usually areas in which we either haven’t yet found the right habits, or are simply choosing to continue in the wrong habits , despite the rash.

We are fragranced by our habits.

Hunger doesn’t guarantee satisfaction. Thirst doesn’t guarantee quenching. And need doesn’t guarantee supply.

One of my favourite quotes by the late Jim Rohn is:

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

If we can find the right solutions, and apply them daily (over years and decades), our life can be amazing.

We always have choice, but sometimes we don’t want to choose the right solution, even if it costs only pennies.

And this is because we can get stuck in old routines.

I fought coming off the deodorants, which only added to the severity of my rash. For I didn’t want to abandon that which had previously seemed to work.

I wanted life to be as I wanted it, and not as it was.

Saviours aren’t just on crosses, or emerging from graves.

They can also be on the corner of a two cent shelf.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash