I forgot my reading glasses at home today. I am having to compensate by zooming in on my computer as I write here in Starbucks.

I love writing; a new hobby of mine. And though it takes a little out of me, it always fills me up.

It’s not the same today though. Now more effort is required than if I had simply remembered. And what is normally an absolute joy, has been invaded by toil’s torment.

I have gotten used to their comforting assurance, learning to lean on their lenses.

Remembering to prioritize the most important things, is a skill I am endlessly pursuing.

I find this applies to all areas of life, not just vision.

If I want each day to go well, regardless of what comes at me, I know what I must first do.

I must choose correctly each morning.

It doesn’t guarantee I will sail through the day, but it does guarantee I won’t be painfully burning up unnecessary energies on otherwise enjoyable and easy tasks.

I am a believer, a follower of Christ; a Christian.

Nowhere else in life have I encountered such unconditional love, such peace in the face of tragedy, and such hope for tomorrow, than in my relationship with Jesus.

I am not a church goer. I listen to scriptures on audio bible, watch sermons on YouTube, and spend time with God gaining direction for each day.

My walk with Jesus is anything but perfect, yet I am somehow perfectly loved.

The highest call in life is walking in true love, a task which on my own I am completely incapable of achieving, and so I turn to God each day for the help I need.

I have recently relied a little more on him as of late, whilst facing a couple deaths, and some serious illnesses.

It still amazes me how I am completely carried through these tragedies; such joy and peace midst chaos.

Even on the days I fail to put my relationship with God first, I am still covered.

But there is a noticeable difference on the days when I start my morning right.

This morning I felt God leading me to do some declarations of his promises outloud over myself, before I set out for the day.

I took 5 minutes and spoke his promises over myself.

I felt a washing taking place, a cleansing of my eyes from residue left over from yesterday.

My day is far better when I start with those truths, for they magnify what I need to see most.

Some tasks will always cost us a little something, and some circumstances will always deeply impact our hearts, but when our eyes are fitted with what we need, life won’t be easy.

But life will be clearer.

Photo by João Mansano on Unsplash



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