and it feels surreal.

The work, pain, and commitment paid off.

You went for it, not even knowing what you were signing up for.

Something (or someone) whispered it would be worth it, and you believed.

And now here you are — in a place you never thought possible.


No matter where you are, no matter what you desire, no matter what opposes you, you’re just one breakthrough away.

Whether it’s a new job, new business, finding that special someone, or just wanting a new life, it’s about that breakthrough moment.

That moment can occur at any time. It…

Celebrating others’ success is no big deal when you’re winning, yet no trite task when you’re on the outside looking in.

Life would be wonderful if all things were even, like perfectly knifed peanut butter smoothed over toast — creamy crunchy chewed succession.

But it’s not.

Life is lopsided, slanted…

I started building my new online business almost a year ago.

I’ve dreamed about creating a laptop lifestyle for almost 15 years, and now I’m finally within one month of its launch.

With 4 books written, 2 courses created, and audiobooks soon to follow, I’ve “arrived”.

But I can’t feel…

I have enjoyed conflict since I was a youth. I love the new opportunities conflict presents.

Having always been the catalyst type personality, I thrive on making new things happen.

We don’t always use our gifts for good. And the manual is never included with the gifts given to us…

Though I’m not American, today marks a shift in history.

Good triumphing over evil. Or is it evil triumphing over good?

Everyone with an opinion on the matter isn’t wavering.

Regardless of where we land in the argument, the guard has changed.

Leadership sets the pace, tone, and temperature.


I hit the garlic heavy last night — mmm.

We played cribbage and filled our faces, until the plate of delicious bean/guacamole/tzatziki dipping pleasure was gulleted.

Then I thought I’d roast 50 bulbs of garlic, just because.

Later in bed though, I was revisited by that latter decision. …

I turned 45 yesterday. And to kick my inaugural day off, I wiped out on my rainy run at the park.

Never saw it coming — as life goes.

Lately, I’ve felt the urge to up my workouts, training for who knows what.

I ran farther, to a new distanced…

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

~Proverbs 13:12

Have you ever wanted something so intensely, you actually ached?

The kind of ache that made you want to forgo wanting.

When weary from weeping over what we wish were, sometimes it’s easier…

Not with forced foothold, but with siding-over, scale-tipping, beautiful bonding bars.

Choice wine — paper-cupped, is but soiled splendor.

For where grateful goblet meets gemmed juice, there handed-honour holds, while life-poured-out honour fills.

Softly shouldering down over tongue and cheek, the choicest of chalice — mindfully palming nearer, measuring out each savour in sipped succession.

Cherished, as love always is — by those who see it.

To stay uncommitted on the shorelines of play and possibility, in pre-teen pinup pleasure, is to be blind.

For when love is seen, surrendering to shackle’s clasp is the only home a free man would ever choose.

To be led away — captive, in the choicest of chains.

The happiest slave — smiling and surrendered.

Jailed — yet free.

Photo by Jeff Siepman on Unsplash

Amos Bracewell

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